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Essay On My Vision Of India 2020

My Vision of in 2020 Essay - 1898 Words - StudyMode

I hope the society itself will develop a mechanism to promote the well being of everyone without having the need of an enforcement by law all the time. In economic field, I hope will make great progress. Agriculture will make a rapid advance, generating enough surplus and providing food for everyone. Certainly the industrial.

Mi Vision of 2020 Essay.Topic:Your vision for 2020. is the country of diversity.

Edusat will provide 1,50,000 ground terminals in its full capacity. Edusat works on an IP protocol and brings two-way interactivity and collaboration. Coupled with the broadband, it will form a heterogeneous network in taking quality education to all parts of the country. For example, a mathematics teacher takes a class at Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh. His.

My vision for. My vision for. Only available on StudyMode. My Vision of in 2020 Essay.Every one whether in the individual.

Still I am hopeful, by that time democracy will be strengthened in and it will give rise to true statesmen who will further take ahead my vision of in AD 2020 and each aspect of the Directive Principles essay of our Constitution will be fulfilled. Elections till be peaceful and every citizen will exercise.

In 2020: A Wishlist - m
My Vision of in 2020 Essay - 1898 Words - StudyMode