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How To Say _ In French - French Translation Help

What in French - How to translate what into French

Pronounce the term, bee-ehn. "Je vais bien" is an extended response meaning, "I am doing well." "Trs bien" means "very well." "Bien, merci" means "well, thank you." "Tout va bien" means "all good." "Assez bien" means "quite good." 2 Reply negatively with mal. Like its positive counterpart, mal is often used as a response on.

Steps, method 1, asking the Question 1, politely ask, "Comment allez-vous? This is the standard phrase used to ask someone how he or she is. It can be used in any situation, but it is most frequently associated with formal situations, strangers, and elders. The correct pronunciation of the phrase is kom-mohn tay-lay voo. 1.

These words are traditionally called possessive adjectives, although many linguists prefer to call them possessive determiners (they're not really adjectives in the same way as words like big, small etc). To find out how to say my, your etc in French, see the following pages: How to you say then in French? The word then has various translations, depending on its usage. For more details, see the separate section on how to say then in French. Possessive determiners in French How to say never in French? The French word for never is usually jamais, but like with other French negatives, you often put ne before verb. For more details, see the separate page on how to say never in French. This page written by Neil Coffey. Copyright Javamex UK 2017. All rights reserved.

How to Say _ in French - French Translation Help
Say - French translation - English-French dictionary