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Research Papers On Tourism In India Pdf

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Please limit keywords to five, best and avoid using obvious ones such as "tourism Statement: This confirms that the article has not been previously published or submitted and will not be sent for review with any other journal until the Annals review process is completed. Other Comments, attach Main Files: Resume of the author or authors.

Anthosh, associate Professor, P.G. Dept. Of Commerce, V TM NSS College, Dhanuvachapuram, tourism Industry in is one of the most lucrative industries in the country and contributes substantially to foreign exchange earned. In fact during 2008, four million tourists visited and spent US 8.9 billion, thus making one of the major global.

Tourism products have to be consumer oriented. This implies that, we can no longer sell what we produce; we have to produce what consumers consider as their needs. The selling focuses on the needs of seller, marketing focuses on the needs of the buyer. The real tourist product is therefore, usually composite whether the customer.

How to sell tours successfully 1. Market Research: Tours should be planned and packaged after a well planned market research. It reveals what tours are and what would be in demand. Historical trends are also a good gauge for future purpose. A good package should contain most acceptable products and contains those products which actually.

The over all beauty of the place, the high rate of literacy, the generally friendly approach of the people, excellent climatic conditions and relatively clean surroundings all add to this joyful picture of Kerala. The Government of Kerala declared tourism as an industry in 1986. But the primary responsibility of developing the basic infrastructure essential.

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