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Schizophrenia - Research Paper - M

Schizophrenia Research Paper - 1307 Words - StudyMode

Generally this does not help out schizophrenia and it is only done to patients that do not respond to medication and that pose a serious safety risk. Nutritional treatments rose out of a theory that said schizophrenia may be caused by a lack of Vitamin B and consisted of mega doses of niacin (Vitamin B3).

The chemicals that these branches release to send messages from the end of one nerve branch to the cell body of another are called neurotransmitters. In someone that has schizophrenia, something goes wrong with this communication system. The main cause of schizophrenia is heredity. Family members of someone with the illness have a 10 percent.

They sometimes get called Nervous Breakdowns or just Bad nerves. There have been studies done to see if different groups of people have a greater tendency to get the illness. But research so far nothing has been proved. Some groups might seem like they are less at risk, but nothing can be proved so until then.

Schizophrenia Research - Journal - Elsevier
Schizophrenia Medical Research Papers